Donate To: AAS Committee on Light Pollution, RFI, and Space Debris (Click for description)
AAS Committee on Light Pollution, Radio Frequency Interference, and Space Debris
Donate To: AAS Education Prize (Click for description)
The Education Prize recognizes outstanding contributions to the education of the public, students and/or the next generation of professional astronomers.
Donate To: AAS Meeting Travel Grant Fund (Click for description)
The AAS Meeting Travel Grant Fund. This fund will be used to give grants to members have difficulty funding their travel to AAS meetings.
Donate To: Annie Jump Cannon Award Endowment (Click for description)
Given annually to a woman resident for distinguished contributions to astronomy or similar contributions in related sciences that have immediate application to astronomy.
Donate To: Astronomy Education Review (Click for description)
Contributions for the Astronomy Education Review
Donate To: Beatrice M. Tinsley Prize (Click for description)
The Tinsley Prize recognizes outstanding research contributions to astronomy or astrophysics of an exceptionally creative or innovative character. The Prize is awarded every two years.
Donate To: Career Services Support Program (Click for description)
Supports the Job Center and workshops and sessions at AAS meetings.
Donate To: Chambliss Medals (Click for description)
The Astronomy Achievement Student Awards are given to recognize exemplary research by undergraduate and graduate students who present a poster session at one of the AAS meetings. Awardees are honored with a Chambliss medal.
Donate To: Childcare Assistance Contribution (Click for description)
Donations to offset childcare costs of members with children so they can attend the meeting.
Donate To: Chrétien International Research Grants (Click for description)
In honor of the memory of Henri Chrétien (French Professor of Optics and co-originator of the Ritchey-Chrétien telescope design) the AAS has been named to administer grants to further international collaborative projects in observational astronomy. Emphasis is on long-term visits and the development of close working relationships with astronomers in other countries.
Donate To: CSWA Status Newsletter Activity (Click for description)
The Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy (CSWA) newsletter consists of original and reprinted articles on topics relating to women in astronomy, science and/or in the Society.
Donate To: Department Chair Meeting Contributions (Click for description)
Department Chair Meeting Contributions
Donate To: Educational Activities (Click for description)
Programs and services that enhance science literacy, provide encouragement and broaden educational opportunities for all.
Donate To: Fishman Fund (Click for description)
Donate To: Gaposchkin Contribution (Click for description)
The Gaposchkin Grant supports meritorious research in stellar astrophysics, especially variable stars, through a special award under the AAS Small Research Grant Program.
Donate To: Gart Westerhout Education Project (Click for description)
In honor of Dr. Westerhout, the family requested donations to the AAS education projects in lieu of flowers. In 1962 he came to the US to establish a new Astronomy Department at the University of Maryland in College Park. He was appointed Scientific Director of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, a post he held from 1977 until his retirement in 1993.
Donate To: George Van Biesbroeck Prize (Click for description)
The Van Biesbroeck Prize is awarded every two years and honors a living individual for long-term extraordinary or unselfish service to astronomy and public service.
Donate To: Harlow Shapley Visiting Lectureship Program (Click for description)
The Shapley Program supports two day visits by professional astronomers to undergraduate two and four year college campuses in the US, Canada and Mexico, especially institutions that do not offer astronomy/astrophysics degrees.
Donate To: Helen B. Warner Prize (Click for description)
The Warner Prize is awarded annually for a significant contribution to observational or theoretical astronomy during the five years preceding the award.
Donate To: Henry Norris Russell Lectureship (Click for description)
The Russell Lecturer is chosen annually on the basis of a lifetime of eminence in astronomical research.
Donate To: John Bahcall Public Policy Fellowship (Click for description)
The Bahcall Fellowship has been established to expose talented research astronomers interested in public policy to the scientific advocacy process. A matching fund, provided by Neta Bahcall, allows your donations to be twice as effective.
Donate To: Joseph Weber Award for Astronomical Instrumentation (Click for description)
Awarded to an individual, of any nationality, for the design, invention or significant improvement of instrumentation (not software) leading to advances in astronomy. No restrictions are placed on a candidate's citizenship or country of residency. In order that the scientific impact of the instrumentation may be assessed properly, a considerable period of time may have elapsed between the development of the instrumentation and the granting of the award.
Donate To: Newton Lacy Pierce Prize (Click for description)
The Pierce Prize is awarded annually for outstanding achievement over the past five years in observational astronomical research based on measurements of radiation from an astronomical object.
Donate To: Public Policy Support (Click for description)
Support actions of and interactions with both Congress and the Executive Branch. Also captures activities of the AAS that can have an impact in the wider arena of public life, such as creating and endorsing statements related to science, science policy or other issues.
Donate To: Rodger Doxsey Travel Fund (Click for description)
Rodger Doxsey Travel Fund in memory of Dr. Rodger Doxsey.
Donate To: General Fund (Click for description)
Supports the functions of the AAS Executive Office.


Donate To: DDA Brouwer Prize (Click for description)
The Brouwer Award was established to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of Dynamical Astronomy, including celestial mechanics, astrometry, geophysics, stellar systems, galactic and extra galactic dynamics. It is open to candidates of any age, or nationality, occupation or specific field of interest. The Award consists of an honorarium of $2000 plus an appropriate certificate.
Donate To: DDA Division Contribution (Click for description)
Non-specific contribution to the Division on Dynamical Astronomy.
Donate To: Raynor L. Duncombe Prize for Student Research Prize (Click for description)
Raynor L. Duncombe Prize for Student Research Prize


Donate To: DPS Division Contribution (Click for description)
Non-specific contribution to the Division of Planitary Sciences.
Donate To: DPS Hartmann Student Travel Grant Program (Click for description)
The DPS Hartmann Student Travel Grant Program provides funding to enable students to attend meetings.
Donate To: DPS J. Eberhart Fund (Click for description)
DPS J. Eberhart Fund
Donate To: DPS Kuiper Prize (Click for description)
DPS Kuiper Prize
Donate To: DPS Masursky Award (Click for description)
DPS Masursky Award
Donate To: DPS Prize Contribution (Click for description)
DPS Prize Contribution
Donate To: DPS Sagan Medal (Click for description)
DPS Sagan Medal
Donate To: DPS Susan Niebur Professional Development Fund (Click for description)
DPS Susan Niebur Professional Development Fund
Donate To: DPS Urey Prize (Click for description)
DPS Urey Prize


Donate To: HAD - Division Contribution (Click for description)
Non-specific contribution to the Historical Astronomy Division.
Donate To: HAD - Doggett Prize (Click for description)
Prize for lifetime achievement in history of astronomy.
Donate To: HAD - Osterbrock Prize Fund (Click for description)
Prize for a book in history of astronomy.


Donate To: HEAD Division Contribution (Click for description)
Non-specific contribution to the High Energy Astrophysics Division.
Donate To: HEAD Rossi Prize (Click for description)
HEAD Rossi Prize
Donate To: HEAD Schramm Award (Click for description)
HEAD Schramm Award


Donate To: LAD General Fund Contribution (Click for description)
Donations to the General Fund will be used by the LAD Leadership to help meet the Division Objective which is to advance our understanding of the Universe through the promotion of fundamental theoretical and experimental research into the underlying processes that drive the Cosmos.
Donate To: Laboratory Astrophysics Prize Fund (Click for description)
Donations to the Laboratory Astrophysics Prize Fund will help to endow the prize to be awarded by the LAD, normally, on an annual basis for significant contribution to Laboratory Astrophysics.


Donate To: SPD - Division Contribution (Click for description)
Non-specific contribution to the Solar Physics Division.
Donate To: SPD - George Ellery Hale Prize (Click for description)
Prize is awarded to a scientist for outstanding contributions to the field of solar astronomy over an extended period of time.
Donate To: SPD - Karen Harvey Endowment (Click for description)
SPD - Karen Harvey Early Career Prize Endowment
Donate To: SPD - Studentship Awards (Click for description)
SPD Studentship Awards
Donate To: SPD - Thomas Metcalf Travel Fund (Click for description)
A travel grant program with SPD honoring Dr. Metcalf. The fund will help support members' expenses for attending meetings relevant to solar physics. Preference will be given to graduate students or recent Ph.D. recipients. More information about the Thomas Metcalf SPD Travel Fund.